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Inclusive Training for Everybody

Youth Train in Wexford Town provides opportunity for real change.

‘Many of our participants came to the conclusion that they wanted to change their lives for the better,’ said Youth Train’s manager Paul O’Brien. Youth Train wants to work with young people like this, people who are willing to work at overcoming their obstacles to learning and are willing to push themselves to achieve more in their lives. Paul said Youth Train was ‘not just a training centre’ but also a place where each participant is valued and their individual issues, fears and aspirations are worked through in a supportive and encouraging way.

The Further Education and Training Sector in Ireland is expanding. Traineeships and apprenticeships are offering quality opportunities to young people. Youth Train CTC has the experience and energy to support young people to be skilled and confident to take up those opportunities. Outcomes for young people can be greatest when, with employers, we can build bridges between young people and the needs of quality employers in Wexford.

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