Career and Catering Skills QQI4

This QQI4 Award provides learners with transferable qualifications to progress to FET Level 5, and specific skills and qualifications related to catering and hospitality employment

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Modules that must be complete for Major Award are in Green
Modules in blue are those Youth Train facilitates to complete the major award
*90 Credits = Full Award
  • Communications
  • Functional Maths
  • Personal effectiveness
  • Work experience
  • Short Order Cooking
  • Kitchen Skills
  • Career Planning
  • Meal Service

Having reviewed your Courses content, and also from our conversation at Greenacres, I am confident that candidates that go through and those that complete the courses would have a very solid grounding in the skill sets that are necessary in the hospitality sector.   James G.O’Connor ,Greenacres Wexford

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