Information for Parents and Carers


You may be wondering…who is Youth Train for?

We find that applicants to Youth Train are at their own crossroads. They have not completed the Leaving cert in the formal school system. The reasons why are different for each learner. In Youth Train there are learners who struggled with concentration, anxiety and large class sizes, who felt bullied or may have had an illness or condition that prevented their full participation in school. Struggling to work through these issues may have resulted in them getting into trouble. Youth Train works with young people who have struggled with formal learning, builds confidence and hope through coursework and positive contact.


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Classes are small and we take the time to focus on the individual. The challenge for Youth Train is to hear the story of each new learner and focus on their strengths to achieve and progress. Alongside the qualifications training, there are supports available for literacy and numeracy facilitated by the WWETB. Where needed we have established and positive links with a number of other agencies who are more skilled in providing supports that we cannot reach on. These can include counselling, substance misuse and anger, youth participation and sporting groups.

Invitation To Meet Us At Youth Train

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We are always open to meeting new people. If you have in your care a young person who may benefit from working with Youth Train, give us a call. We are happy to arrange a visit to the centre at a time that is convenient to you. We look forward to hearing from you.
Please take a look at Youth Trains Policies Document