Information For Employers

Are you an employer looking to support young people into the workforce ?

If so we would love to work with  you!

Collaborating with Youth Train is a rewarding opportunity for you and your quality business to support a young Wexford person on their learning journey to employment. We communicate with employers to understand what employment opportunities there are and what employers are looking for in skills and aptitudes of new employees.

Youth Train CTC is an active member of Wexford Chamber of Commerce and the informal Employment Support group. With employer assistance we help to bring learners closer to the world of quality employment.

By working with employers in this way, Youth Train helps a young person overcome their lack of qualifications and to have the advantage when it comes to the skills you are looking for.

Can your workplace accommodate a group visit? This helps a learner get closer to a workplace and to see first-hand what it is like to work in your sector.

Come to the centre and share your business with a group of learners. This could be about your business, opportunities and what you look for in a good employee.

Mentor a learner and help them to turn employment theory into practice. Work placement can be beneficial for your team and add energy to your work. Each learner is prepared in advance, learners are insured and support from Youth Train guaranteed.

Where you may be considering a new position opening up and want to give a young person a chance to develop into the ideal candidate for you. LWE allows for a full time work placement where a learner develops on-the-job. This is for a period of 1-6 months and the learner is paid a training allowance during their placement based on their attendance at work.

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